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Matt Huebner


All You Really Need to Know About Me...

"What's wrong with you??" -Mom and friends
  • I sprouted up right outside of St.Louis, MO, to a family of six that have a hard time with laughing too loudly in public areas.

  • Just a twenty-something-year-old kid that became so anxious about having a heart attack, I lost thirty pounds on accident.

  • Breakout role was in The Cheese Stands Alone in second grade, even though I didn't have enough teeth on my face for you to understand me, been beaming about it ever since. 

  • I fancy improv, situational comedies, and being allowed to not take life so seriously.

  • Studied at Missouri State University, graduating with a BFA in Acting Spring of 2019.   


"I  strive to make people feel listened to and know that nothing is too serious to laugh at. What's the point of living, if you can't laugh about pooping your pants?"

My Reel


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Lets Bip & Bop!

Bip and Bop is another term for "Shoot the S***", but my mom was going to see this. I'm sure you understand. 

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